Things you can do to enjoy San Sebastian like a true local Rates

Things you can do to enjoy San Sebastian like a true local

Do’s and Don’ts for the Responsible Tourist

San Sebastian / Donostia harbour

San Sebastian / Donostia harbour

People in San Sebastian love their city and they like to have fun. Having a stroll around our favourite places, visiting the various cultural centres and, above all, meeting up with friends to go bar-hopping “poteo” or for tapas “pintxos”. These customs are deep-rooted in us and make this city a warm, friendly, lively and artistic place, a perfect destination to spend a few days and have an unforgettable holiday.

So we want to offer you a brief guide to the things that we like and make us happy, so that together we all respect our customs, looking after and preserving our city, so that it continues to be a place worth visiting.

Prepare your stay

In Donostia/San Sebastian we have great tourist agencies and environmentally-friendly accommodation, which can help you to make the most of your stay and also help to protect what’s around you.

Get to know us and let us get to know you

If you like giving everything a go, we recommend trying our “pintxos” (tapas) and our local cuisine. You’ll be amazed by the different flavours and aromas that are nothing like what you’ve had before. You’ll love them!

You probably love taking photos as souvenirs, to show to your friends when you get home. Remember that the people in San Sebastian are not part of the scenery, if you want to take photos of us, it’s best to ask us first. We’ll be happy to be in the photo!

And to make sure that you don’t get lost or waste your time, we recommend contacting one of our local guides. As well as becoming your friend, they’re sure to help you to discover unexpected places that will fascinate you.

It’s easy to be responsible

Turning off the tap when you don’t need any more water or switching off the air conditioning or heating and the lights when you leave your accommodation are things that come naturally when you are at home. This way you will help to save water and energy, something so important for the health of our planet.

And whenever possible, you can use public transport; this will also help to protect the environment.

San Sebastian is a city full of parks and gardens and the people here are very proud of our green spaces. If you fancy going on a picnic or having lunch in the countryside, there are picnic areas especially prepared for this.

If you go out to bars at night, remember that there are people sleeping right above where you’re having funny. If you respect their sleep, they’ll be grateful.