Why A Visit To San Sebastian Is A Must Rates

Why A Visit To San Sebastian Is A Must

Donostia San Sebastian is a beautiful coastal city that truly lives up to its name of being a beach and tapas paradise. This past summer I caught the Renfe train from Madrid to San Sebastian and traveled for 6 hours through the sunflower fields and small towns of the Basque countryside. Upon arriving, I immediately understood why people say that it is impossible not to fall in love with San Sebastian.

The streets, inland of the bay, exude chic modernity while still possessing an old world charm. In the center is the magnificent Cathedral of the Good Shepherd that was built in the 19th century and is a remarkable, architectural example of the Neo-Gothic style.

San Sebastian Miramar Gardens

San Sebastian Miramar Gardens

However, it is only once you’ve reached the main beach: Playa de la Concha that the incredible beauty of San Sebastian is realized. Glistening, turquoise-blue waters fill a crescent shaped bay and a soft sandy beach is separated from the paved boardwalk by an intricate, white, wrought iron gate that spans the entire beach. On one end is an adorable café that has an excellent selection of tapas as well as brunch and breakfast food. My personal favorite was the hot, freshly made ‘patatas bravas’. On the other side are numerous seafood restaurants that serve the San Sebastian specialties, and a lively nightclub, called Rotonda, that is directly on the beach.

When I visited San Sebastian in early August, the city was jam packed with travelers, especially from France, as San Sebastian is located close to the border of Spain and France. Other than navigating through the throngs of sunbathing Europeans, eating the delicious food and enjoying the beautiful atmosphere, I spent many hours kayaking and paddle boarding in bay. It was a weekend of sheer bliss.

I would say one of the most memorable moments of my trip was climbing Monte Urgell, which I believe is the most beautiful place to view Playa de la Concha and the city in general. It was perhaps only a twenty-minute hike but the incredible, panoramic views of the bay, flanked on either side by lush green hills, and extending out into the vast North Atlantic ocean will forever be burned into my memory.

There is absolutely no doubt than even in a country such as Spain, which has so many beautiful places to visit, San Sebastian is not one to be missed. I for one, simply cannot wait to go back.

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